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Character Profile: Vaelius

Name: Vaelius

Species: Time Lord

Age: Unknown

Appearance: 5'11, short brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build, appears to be in his mid forties to early fifties (though he's much older).

Personality: Vaelius, a renegade Time Lord, was Galatea’s second handler, and the one who trained her to be an assassin. A clinical sociopath, he is meticulously charming, deeply manipulative, and endlessly patient, though he has an explosive temper when it is triggered.


Vaelius might be classified as lawful evil. He is driven by an impulse to impose order on the universe. He would be classified in human terms as a clinical sociopath, and his emotions are shallow if at all existent; however, he has had centuries to develop the appearance of emotions and may even at times be halfway convinced that they’re genuine, even if he can’t necessarily feel them. He is ridiculously charming and debonair, and does it so unassumingly that he could charm the pants off the devil himself. He is capable of surprising acts of kindness, which are never given freely but always meticulously orchestrated with his own motivations and end goals in mind. His usual demeanor is quiet, even sometimes with the appearance of gentleness, though with an almost unnerving intensity. An astute observer might notice a sort of measured and practiced modality to his movements and speech, as if he is a very skillful actor with years of stage practice.

Though ordinarily he is very controlled and measured, Vaelius has an excessive, dangerously violent temper. It is generally not easy to get him to that point, but those who do quickly find themselves to be at the mercy of his horrific rage. He has been known to kill with his bare hands when in this state. When he recovers, he may be upset at his loss of control, but he never feels any remorse for killing. He may regret killing someone that he wasn’t finished using yet, though, once he’s calmed significantly, but only in that it may complicate his plans.

Face claim is Sean Bean.
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