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Rules for Roleplay

I’m pretty easy to get along with, and don’t like to write up a lot of specific rules for gameplay, but here are a few things that I do want to note down.

1. I am often very slow. Between day-to-day life and the finicky nature of my muse, sometimes I just don’t have time to write, or don’t feel like it, or I just can’t get it to flow. If I’m taking forever to reply, it’s probably one of those and not that I don’t like you or don’t want to play with your muse. It may also be that I’ve not seen your response, because Tumblr’s notifications system is whack. If you want to shoot me an ask or fan mail to check on the status of our thread/s, go for it; however, please don’t badger me about it.

2. You are under no obligation to match length in replies. I can often be lengthy, but if you prefer to be more concise, that’s fine. However, please at least make an effort to bring something of substance to the roleplay. If you continuously send me two-to-three word replies (especially if I’ve been taking the time to write out something more substantial), I’m not going to want to continue the thread. Give me something to work with.

3. Please at least make an attempt at using decent grammar and spelling, at least enough to be legible. Nobody’s perfect, but if I can’t understand what you wrote, it makes responses difficult.

4. Don’t kill Evelyn. Don’t assume instant romance with her– she will be very creeped out! Don’t assume a history with her unless we discuss it beforehand and agree on it. Your character is not a member of her family, either in her incarnation as Evelyn or in her incarnation as Galatea so don’t even try that (ALTHOUGH I would be open to taking a look at other Chronoform characters. Please ASK me first, though, and we can discuss it.). Don’t God Mod. You know, just general etiquette.

5. Romantic relationships will be based on chemistry. Please don’t force a ship on Evelyn. She’s demisexual, which means that sexual attraction is linked strongly to emotional attachment and closeness, so she’ll very rarely enter into a sexual relationship with someone she doesn’t know very well. Take a look here and here for more detailed explanations. She does enjoy flirting sometimes, though. I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable writing any smutty threads, though that may change. I absolutely under no circumstances will write NSFW or shippy threads with anyone underage.

6. There may be some dark or violent threads on this blog. They’ll be tagged accordingly, and anything too intense will be placed behind a cut. If I’ve overlooked tagging something that bothers you, please let me know and I’ll fix it.

7. All artwork of Evelyn on this site belongs to me; please don’t use without permission and credit. That goes for any other artwork of mine that I post here, which will be labeled as “my art.”

8. I’d also appreciate it if you read at least Evelyn’s About page before interacting so you have a general idea of who she is.

9. I have zero patience for he said/she said internet drama. Zilch. Please keep it away from me.

10. I love sending out roleplaying memes, and will probably do so if you reblog them. Please know that I never ever want anyone to feel pressured to respond to anything I send out, whether you can’t figure out a way to make it work, or you feel overwhelmed by too many threads, or whatever reason you may come up with. If you don’t feel like answering, don’t answer! No explanation is needed. (However, if you never answer when I send you memes, I will probably stop sending them, not because I’m offended but because I’m worried that I’m annoying you)

11. And in that vein, always feel free to send me memes when I reblog them! If I respond it’s pretty likely that I’ll answer them with a starter thread, rather than drabbles or whatnot, because I tend to feel uneasy writing other peoples’ characters (or interpretations of characters) due to worrying that I’ll get them wrong. (Though I have written the occasional drabble or short story for my partners. I just don’t do it very often.) Again, your call whether you want to carry on with a thread or not. I never want my RP partners to feel pressured to write with me in any way.
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